I’m Told Public Prayer Is At Stake! — Really? Why Is That?

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At times I have to ponder how someone like David Barton can be so brilliant –yet sadly off-base on a seemingly obvious matter. (The same applies to many Conservatives who unknowingly favor governmental custom over Natural rights, and end up not being able to see the forest for the trees.)  He’s been sending out e-mails for a while now about the “big day” coming up and yesterday finally one that “this is the day” for a major Supreme Court case to be heard.  And to quote him directly: “Today is a crucial day in American history — the continuance of public prayer and the public acknowledgment of God is in jeopardy… Read more

How to Call an Article V Convention is a Matter of FACT, Not Opinion – and the Truth May Shock You

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Whether you are a proponent or an opponent of an Article V Amendment Convention, there are some irrefutable facts involved in the matter; most notably, whether or not States have the right to call a Convention, and whether or not approbation of congress is requisite for the ratification of Amendments. The truth of what Article V is, means, and represents, as well as how and by whom it’s controlled is not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact. Yes, whether or not the States should call an Amendment Convention is highly debatable; but their having the power or not to do so is cut and dry; as I shall shortly prove simply by presenting a chronological sequence of the events pertaining to this topic from James Madison’s meticulous “Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787.”  Read more

The Justification of, Reason For, and Logic Behind Nullification – And Why It’s Necessary

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Imagine this: you and your neighbors –13 households total – started a “neighborhood watch” program because you found it the most effective way to provide for your safety, protection, and happiness.  You mutually agreed upon certain rules, guidelines, and powers; appointed one individual as the enforcing officer of the pact; and declared that his decisions would be “the supreme by-law of the neighborhood, when duly enacted, pursuant to the powers granted.” And as 37 more houses were built in the neighborhood, they likewise joined the pact: and life was good.


However, eventually the enforcer became venal and decided to aggrandize himself by taking on more and more powers and obligations which were never envisaged, desired, nor granted him; and in fact these new restrictions and usurpations by this man eventually became cumbersome, and restrictive to your Liberties, happiness, and financial well being.  His arrogance was such that he thought he controlled you, the homeowners, the creators of the pact, the creators of his position and powers, the genesis of his very existence; and augmented his powers to authorize taking money from the richest household to give to the poorest.  Eventually, it came to pass that over half of the souls living in the neighborhood were living off the labor of the top five.  Read more

We Need to Understand What the Constitution Is, Isn’t, Prohibits, and Defends

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Many of us need a crash-course in “Purpose of the Constitution – 101” and “Purpose of Government – 101” – which is why I continue to study those our Founders revered and studied, our Founders themselves, and our founding documents.  Because even amongst the most ardent Conservatives I too often hear talk of our “Constitutional rights” instead of our Constitutionally protected rights (and that’s not semantics my Friends, it’s the foundation of the debate; the premise which determines from where our rights flow – and therefore how/when they can be restricted and by whom).  I likewise hear that “we have to do this/that because it’s what our Founders created,” and “we need to strictly adhere to the constitution,” and “our Founders would be shooting by now.”  I’ll address the fallacies associated with each of these, but I’ll immediately start with “strictly adhering to the Constitution,” because that’s the one most likely to be scrutinized, and will already have some scratching their heads Read more

It’s Time To Wake Up… Or Die

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In light of recent medical studies, I think the time has finally come in America where we need to seriously debate suspending ALL immunizations of our newborn children – and no, I’m not joking.  Yes, I understand that there is still a threat from hepatitis A and B; from diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough); from polio, RV, smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella and the like – however, I think it is logical to assume the if we stop inoculating our children – first at such a young age and eventually altogether – that these diseases will finally die out and no longer exist.  Basically, I acknowledge that yes, these diseases DO exist, however, the only reason they’re still in existence is because we perpetuate their existence by allowing them to live; in the form of immunizations and inoculations.  In short: they exist because we’ve not surrendered our immunizations.


OK, for those who I haven’t already lost by assuming I’m a raging lunatic or a moron of monstrous proportions – no I’m not serious, that would be the stupidest argument ever presented for battling disease.  But neither was I joking, I was simply using a different perspective to show a universal lunacy. Read more

Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora – Don’t Confuse Symptoms With Problems

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I have intentionally refrained from commenting on the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, because I wanted to make sure that I don’t interject emotion into an important subject to understand. I’m not concerned with the minute details: when it started, how long it lasted, calibers, clothes, etc. I’m concerned with what makes someone do what he did. Was it personal or societal: is it a problem or a symptom?


So many will likely say “this man was sick,” or he was “obviously crazy,” etc.  It is emotionally soothing – not to mention quick, easy, and painless – to say someone who commits such acts is crazy, loony, nuts, unbalanced, etc.  But it’s not necessarily the case, and in fact often times is not the case. Was he depraved, yes: crazy, not necessarily. This is more an act – imho – of selfishness. Somehow, in his mind, other people hurting more than he himself made him feel better. Now, you probably think that is crazy in and of itself – but are you altogether different? Have you ever been happy to see someone else pulled over for speeding instead of you? Have you ever said; “yeah, TAX THE RICH,” or laughed when you saw an $80,000+ sports car side-swipe a concrete wall; as if that really affects you personally, makes your life better or easier, or puts more money in your pocket? Read more

America’s Impending Death: The Why, The How, And The Only Way Out

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Have you ever been watching a movie, and you realize what’s going to happen next, before it even happens? Well, truth be told, that doesn’t happen to me too often. I’m usually not too good at predicting movies.  But real life; well that’s another story.


I wish I had a blog back in about 2000, because then all of this would have been on record – but instead, I was just a guy with instinct, who told this to friends, but never made it public. For example, I believed G.W. Bush would win in a nail-biter, and I knew he’d win re-election. After McCain became the nominee, I knew he’d lose in a near landslide. I refused to vote for McCain – voting instead for Bob Barr, the 3rd Party candidate on our ballot. My reasoning: Read more

The War On Christmas…Or Is It On Something Different??

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So I’ve read a few articles over the last few weeks about the “War on Christmas.” I must admit, on this subject I’m basically winging this. This is merely my raw, un-debated, un-researched, off-the-cuff expression of my emotional beliefs in this matter…which may actually be better in this discussion.


I will admit right off the bat that I am torn about this. I am a devout, though imperfect, Christian, still nowhere near the man Christ saved me to be. I have spent the last year studying and appreciating the science of the laws of nature and the origins of liberty. I am a Christian who values God first and foremost, Read more

A Government of the People, by the People, for….the People?….the Government?….for Who?

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We have all heard that we are known as a government “of the People, by the People, for the People.” But that phrase is not found in The Declaration of Independence or The U.S. Constitution, so what does it mean?  Its meaning becomes crystal clear when you “read between the lines” of The Declaration of Independence. But is that concept even true anymore in America today? Well let’s explore… Read more

Abortion – Logical Points In An Emotional Debate

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I have always been troubled by the debate over whether or not abortion should be allowed in America.  The problem with this debate is that it’s simply emotion vs. logic in many ways.  And I want to make crystal clear, up front, that I do not harbor ill feelings towards any woman who has had an abortion, and I would never object to an abortion in the situation where the life of the mother is in jeopardy (though exceptions such as that are extremely rare).  If you’re a Christian, no, you’re not “going to hell” if you’ve had or facilitated an abortion.  I’m not going to throw red paint on you and call you a murderer or protest in front of an abortion clinic, and I would never, ever condone killing a doctor who performs abortions, Read more

A Logical and Principled (Though Difficult) Approach to the Debt Crisis

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I was recently discussing the debt problem with a friend, and explaining how our federal spending is broken down; how 22% goes to National Defense, 21% to Medicare & Medicaid, 20% to Social Security, 14% to “Safety Net” programs, i.e. handouts – Earned Income Credit, WIC, Federal Housing Assistance, etc., and 8% to the interest on the national debt – which total 85% of our federal spending.  I also mentioned how for every dollar we spend, 40 cents is borrowed.


Unless I’m mistaken, I have heard well intentioned people such as Sean Hannity, Phil Valentine, and others talk about how “if we don’t increase the debt limit (which don’t turn away, I do not support raising the debt limit – this is not a pitch to increase our debt further), we don’t have to worry, because we can pay Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, National Defense, and interest on the debt with money to spare.”  And then it hit me… NO, we CAN’T!!!  [NOTE – my understanding of Phil’s position was mistaken, he corrected me in the “comments” section below] Read more

Has Islam Been Hijacked By Radicals? Could Christianity Be Hijacked?

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While I always respect and appreciate other people’s opinions, I don’t like to rely on their opinions, to form my own opinions, if there is actual text I can study myself.  For that reason, I decided I was through with listening to “experts” on the dangers of Islam, or the peaceful nature of Islam, or the misunderstandings of Islam; and instead decided to study Islam for myself.  (And for the record, nearly all of what I’m about to say is not my opinion…it’s FACT; with documentation to back it up.) Read more

Some of My Personal Favorite Quotes From My Studies

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So, it’s been over FOUR MONTHS since my last blog!!  There is a reason; and it’s not complacency.  I have been studying a lot; reading material that I find important to fighting the battle for liberty that I’m determined to fight.  Some of the readings in the last six months include Frederic Bastiat’s 13 Essays on Political Economy and his Economic Harmonies; Leonard Read’s “I Pencil”; a couple of Milton Friedman books; a few David Barton books, James Madison’s notes from The Constitutional Convention of 1787; Bill Warner’s Sharia Law for non-muslims; the qur’an; the hadith of Bukhari; Read more

Public Employee Collective Bargaining Is A Right: But So Is Refusing That Right

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I recently made a comment on a public forum that “Unions are a basic Natural right in the PRIVATE sector.  However, the PUBLIC sector is totally different, for many reasons;” to which the response was “Curious…can you give me some reasons why this basic natural right (as you call it) does not apply to all people?  Are public sector workers second class citizens?” 

My response was as follows…

“Sorry, but this isn’t summed up in a sentence or two.  If you are genuinely curious, please read the following, even though it is likely to get a little bit long…  Read more

What Is Liberalism? Why Does It Matter?

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In my previous blog post, I examined the meaning of a Conservative.  Now, let’s look at “what is a liberal?”  “Liberal” is also a word with broad meaning. Liberalism, in its intention, is a philosophy of limited personal responsibility; favoring instead the collective taking care of everyone, and placing the “overall good” – of society, of individuals, of groups – above property rights and liberty.  It is the freedom to attempt “to be,” and to be bailed out by the collective whole if you fail trying.  It is an attempt at freedom from pain, suffering, discomfort, discouragement, or failure; or else a consorted effort to make the collective suffer together those same conditions.

Liberals, or “progressives,” are people who want to move our society towards equalization by any and all means, primarily through the use of the government. Read more

What Is Conservatism? Why Does It Matter?

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We hear about “liberal” and “conservative” all the time, so; what is a “conservative?”  Conservative is a word with broad meaning.  At its heart, conservatism is a philosophy of limited government intervention in everyday life and liberty.  It is the freedom “to be,” or to fail trying.  Therefore, a Conservative is someone who, by nature, seeks these principles…and more

There are many conservatives who simply want to see fewer regulations on businesses so they can prosper.  There are some who want abortion outlawed, and that is all.  Some are concerned with the moral decay that is undeniably embedding its tentacles throughout our society. Read more

Another Act of Senseless Violence Defies Reasoning

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While reports still vary, it is understood that Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at point blank range today, but she is alive, and in critical condition.  Join me in praying for her in this time of need.  Pray for guidance, on behalf of the doctors and nurses caring for her and for God’s healing hand of mercy.  Also harmed in this incident were some aides of hers, as well as some by-standers.  Reports and numbers are still unclear, however one thing is not; the need for prayers at this time. Read more

Is The Giving of Stolen Money Really Charity; or Benevolence?

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First off, let me say that my life perspectives, and thereby my principles, come from the fact of my being first a Christian, and second a patriot who stands in admiration and awe of our Founders and Framers.  With that stated, I must ask; what truly constitutes charity?  Webster’s dictionary defines charity as Read more

America: Home of the Brave; But Land of the Free?

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Am I the only person who sees our liberties being eroded one by one?  Obviously this question is rhetorical, especially given the results of the last election.  There is the “full body scan or pat down” option at the airport, the warrantless wire tapping by the DHS under the PATRIOT Act, and the reading of our e-mails by the FBI just to name a few.  But let’s be honest, these are obvious.  What about the more subtle ones that you may not even have thought of; these are FAR more dangerous, in my opinion, because they show just how far we are from truly being a free nation and an independent populace, as we were intended to be.  And the following are all in the name of “protecting us,” Read more

Is America A Christian Nation?

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Recently, I was engaged in a debate with a good and intelligent friend as to whether or not we are a “Christian Nation.”  While I have always considered us a Christian nation, and assumed that most Christians did, I was hit with some new opinions and perspectives that were interesting and thought provoking.  In this debate, key questions that must be addressed are:  what do you consider the criteria for being a Christian nation; and are we talking about intentions or results? 

You see, I’ve just always assumed that since nearly 90% of the population are self described Christians, that it was self evident.  After all, our founding documents; aren’t they Christian based?  Most of us refer to Egypt as a Muslim nation, because Read more

2010, A Good Start; 2012 The Next Step ~ CONSERVATIVES UNITE!

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As I have previously stated, I served in the U.S. Air Force from 1994 through 1998.  I went through Basic Training from mid July through late August of 1994.  I got yelled at, humiliated, humbled; broken down!  There are many reasons for and goals of Basic Training.  To teach us discipline, to force us to listen to authority, and most important, for obvious reasons, is to break down the individual and rebuild us into a team.  Conservatives, we should be no different. 

This Progressive movement has broken us down; humiliated and humbled us (or at least it should have).  We were trusting people, and assumed the best in our adversaries in the opposing party.  We assumed that, like us, they loved this nation; they simply had a different view of the world and a different means Read more

Tonight We Put The Brakes On Socialism; In 2012, We Turn The Ship

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If the metaphoric “blood bath” that I believe is coming tonight materializes as I believe it will, then friends, tonight will be a GREAT night for America and all Americans!  Not because “Republicans” win big, but because of the quality of Republicans who will win.  Tonight, we should be able to put the brakes on this socialistic Titanic, and in 2012, finally have control enough to turn this ship around. 

For far too many years, the nation has been under the control of one political party, the Progressive Party, with two wings; the extreme left Democratic wing of the Progressive Party, and the slightly left Republican wing of the Progressive Party.  Read more

435 National Representatives; 100 National Senators

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So I live in, and ran for the U.S. House seat in, Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District. However, it occurs to me that if elected, I would not have been a representative merely of the 5th District; just as Jim Cooper is not merely my representative. Under today’s political culture – which in no way resembles the nation of our founding – we are not a nation of 50 sovereign states with a common federal government; rather we are The National State of America, with 50 sub-territories.


Under this system, where every single day congress is passing new blanket legislation, often in disregard for the laws and constitutions of the several States, we have lost our States sovereignty. We do not recognize the states as 50 unique and separate entities as we have historically been. Our Founders gave us a very weak federal government, whose only purpose was to provide a national defense, make sure the states would always be fair to one another, and provide a few services for convenience to all citizens. Otherwise, each state was its own entity, and all states were bound together by this limited agreement. Read more

Our Courts Know Not Their Limitations

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So there I was, driving with my beautiful wife, on our way to Carrabba’s (by the way, THE BEST restaurant on the planet) for a date, when I hear on the radio that some ridiculous federal court has ORDERED the United States Air Force (with whom I served for four years) to immediately reinstate Maj. Margaret Witt, the open and known lesbian who was discharged for violation of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton decided that she “should be given her job back as soon as possible.”

When you get a minute, read Article III of the U.S. Constitution (you know, that old power-limiting document that too many federal Republicans are unaware of, and most Democrats at the federal level hate) Read more

Thank You, and God Bless You!

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First off, let me say THANK YOU ALL for your support and prayers.  Now that the polls are closed, I will give you my prediction for the evening.  Of course, rule #1 is not to tell people you don’t think you’ll win; otherwise, why would they vote for you?  So, that’s why I have waited until the polls closed to post this.  No, I do not personally believe that I have a chance of winning THIS election cycle.  Let’s be realistic.  I have no staff, no funds, I didn’t raise money (because I didn’t try Read more

I Want A Restoration of the Truth ~ Defeat Liberalism!

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I want a restoration of truth and respect for our Founding Fathers once again in America.  Why do liberals and progressives want to suppress the truth and make our Founders and our founding into something it’s really not? This is a rhetorical question, of course, but I mean the following with all sincerity: friends & family who support the national Democratic Party…WAKE UP & GET REAL! If you have a conscience, how can you support a love of Christ, American ideals and the modern Democrat party? It is hard enough to swallow the rhetoric of the Republican Party; Read more


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So BP  is making advances, and hoping (85 days in) to finally cap this oil leak for good.  Wonderful!  Finally!  Alas!

But where is our federal government?  Where is President Obama?  Why is he on the golf, and not in the gulf?  Why SHOULD he be in the gulf?  Why SHOULD the federal government be responsible for a private (and foreign for that matter) company’s mistakes?

You see, I don’t think the President of the United States is responsible for capping the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  This man has never (and has proven that if charged to, he could never successfully have) managed so much as a lemonade stand; let alone actually having ever shown the capacity to deal with something of this magnitude.  However,  Read more

Patriotism ~ What Is It? Happy Independence Day To All!

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PATRIOTISM ~ What is it? I believe it’s putting others ahead of yourself. I believe it is a willingness to serve people you’ve never met while offering them freedom they don’t deserve. I believe it’s providing them the liberty and CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC our Founders secured, while they vote for those who’d destroy it. Some do so because they envision a new and “better” America; some simply vote a party line without ever vetting the candidates they support.  I view patriotism as the ability Read more

The Oath I Took!

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Below is an exact copy of the Oath I took as an enlisted troop in the United States Air Force in 1994. This is an oath that I believed in then, and believe in now. In fact, the only thing that has changed for me is that I no longer must obey the orders of the President! In fact, I now view it as my duty to disobey the President Read more

Mother Teresa on a Stamp – DENIED? Separation of Church & State???

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So, the United States Post Office wants to honor Mother Teresa on a stamp, and there are actually people who protest? Why? Because aside from being an incredible woman who willingly gave of herself, gave her possessions to the poor and needy, helped everyone in her path, forsook self indulgence to indulge others, she had a very dark and evil side…she was a CHRISTIAN!

Can an organization actually exist that loves America, understands the Constitution, and would support such nonsense? I do not believe so, but enter – Read more

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