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So BP  is making advances, and hoping (85 days in) to finally cap this oil leak for good.  Wonderful!  Finally!  Alas!

But where is our federal government?  Where is President Obama?  Why is he on the golf, and not in the gulf?  Why SHOULD he be in the gulf?  Why SHOULD the federal government be responsible for a private (and foreign for that matter) company’s mistakes?

You see, I don’t think the President of the United States is responsible for capping the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  This man has never (and has proven that if charged to, he could never successfully have) managed so much as a lemonade stand; let alone actually having ever shown the capacity to deal with something of this magnitude.  However,  Read more

Patriotism ~ What Is It? Happy Independence Day To All!

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PATRIOTISM ~ What is it? I believe it’s putting others ahead of yourself. I believe it is a willingness to serve people you’ve never met while offering them freedom they don’t deserve. I believe it’s providing them the liberty and CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC our Founders secured, while they vote for those who’d destroy it. Some do so because they envision a new and “better” America; some simply vote a party line without ever vetting the candidates they support.  I view patriotism as the ability Read more

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