Thank You, and God Bless You!

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First off, let me say THANK YOU ALL for your support and prayers.  Now that the polls are closed, I will give you my prediction for the evening.  Of course, rule #1 is not to tell people you don’t think you’ll win; otherwise, why would they vote for you?  So, that’s why I have waited until the polls closed to post this.  No, I do not personally believe that I have a chance of winning THIS election cycle.  Let’s be realistic.  I have no staff, no funds, I didn’t raise money (because I didn’t try Read more

I Want A Restoration of the Truth ~ Defeat Liberalism!

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I want a restoration of truth and respect for our Founding Fathers once again in America.  Why do liberals and progressives want to suppress the truth and make our Founders and our founding into something it’s really not? This is a rhetorical question, of course, but I mean the following with all sincerity: friends & family who support the national Democratic Party…WAKE UP & GET REAL! If you have a conscience, how can you support a love of Christ, American ideals and the modern Democrat party? It is hard enough to swallow the rhetoric of the Republican Party; Read more

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