435 National Representatives; 100 National Senators

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So I live in, and ran for the U.S. House seat in, Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District. However, it occurs to me that if elected, I would not have been a representative merely of the 5th District; just as Jim Cooper is not merely my representative. Under today’s political culture – which in no way resembles the nation of our founding – we are not a nation of 50 sovereign states with a common federal government; rather we are The National State of America, with 50 sub-territories.


Under this system, where every single day congress is passing new blanket legislation, often in disregard for the laws and constitutions of the several States, we have lost our States sovereignty. We do not recognize the states as 50 unique and separate entities as we have historically been. Our Founders gave us a very weak federal government, whose only purpose was to provide a national defense, make sure the states would always be fair to one another, and provide a few services for convenience to all citizens. Otherwise, each state was its own entity, and all states were bound together by this limited agreement. Read more

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