America: Home of the Brave; But Land of the Free?

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Am I the only person who sees our liberties being eroded one by one?  Obviously this question is rhetorical, especially given the results of the last election.  There is the “full body scan or pat down” option at the airport, the warrantless wire tapping by the DHS under the PATRIOT Act, and the reading of our e-mails by the FBI just to name a few.  But let’s be honest, these are obvious.  What about the more subtle ones that you may not even have thought of; these are FAR more dangerous, in my opinion, because they show just how far we are from truly being a free nation and an independent populace, as we were intended to be.  And the following are all in the name of “protecting us,” Read more

Is America A Christian Nation?

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Recently, I was engaged in a debate with a good and intelligent friend as to whether or not we are a “Christian Nation.”  While I have always considered us a Christian nation, and assumed that most Christians did, I was hit with some new opinions and perspectives that were interesting and thought provoking.  In this debate, key questions that must be addressed are:  what do you consider the criteria for being a Christian nation; and are we talking about intentions or results? 

You see, I’ve just always assumed that since nearly 90% of the population are self described Christians, that it was self evident.  After all, our founding documents; aren’t they Christian based?  Most of us refer to Egypt as a Muslim nation, because Read more

2010, A Good Start; 2012 The Next Step ~ CONSERVATIVES UNITE!

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As I have previously stated, I served in the U.S. Air Force from 1994 through 1998.  I went through Basic Training from mid July through late August of 1994.  I got yelled at, humiliated, humbled; broken down!  There are many reasons for and goals of Basic Training.  To teach us discipline, to force us to listen to authority, and most important, for obvious reasons, is to break down the individual and rebuild us into a team.  Conservatives, we should be no different. 

This Progressive movement has broken us down; humiliated and humbled us (or at least it should have).  We were trusting people, and assumed the best in our adversaries in the opposing party.  We assumed that, like us, they loved this nation; they simply had a different view of the world and a different means Read more

Tonight We Put The Brakes On Socialism; In 2012, We Turn The Ship

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If the metaphoric “blood bath” that I believe is coming tonight materializes as I believe it will, then friends, tonight will be a GREAT night for America and all Americans!  Not because “Republicans” win big, but because of the quality of Republicans who will win.  Tonight, we should be able to put the brakes on this socialistic Titanic, and in 2012, finally have control enough to turn this ship around. 

For far too many years, the nation has been under the control of one political party, the Progressive Party, with two wings; the extreme left Democratic wing of the Progressive Party, and the slightly left Republican wing of the Progressive Party.  Read more

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