A Logical and Principled (Though Difficult) Approach to the Debt Crisis

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I was recently discussing the debt problem with a friend, and explaining how our federal spending is broken down; how 22% goes to National Defense, 21% to Medicare & Medicaid, 20% to Social Security, 14% to “Safety Net” programs, i.e. handouts – Earned Income Credit, WIC, Federal Housing Assistance, etc., and 8% to the interest on the national debt – which total 85% of our federal spending.  I also mentioned how for every dollar we spend, 40 cents is borrowed.


Unless I’m mistaken, I have heard well intentioned people such as Sean Hannity, Phil Valentine, and others talk about how “if we don’t increase the debt limit (which don’t turn away, I do not support raising the debt limit – this is not a pitch to increase our debt further), we don’t have to worry, because we can pay Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, National Defense, and interest on the debt with money to spare.”  And then it hit me… NO, we CAN’T!!!  [NOTE – my understanding of Phil’s position was mistaken, he corrected me in the “comments” section below] Read more

Has Islam Been Hijacked By Radicals? Could Christianity Be Hijacked?

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While I always respect and appreciate other people’s opinions, I don’t like to rely on their opinions, to form my own opinions, if there is actual text I can study myself.  For that reason, I decided I was through with listening to “experts” on the dangers of Islam, or the peaceful nature of Islam, or the misunderstandings of Islam; and instead decided to study Islam for myself.  (And for the record, nearly all of what I’m about to say is not my opinion…it’s FACT; with documentation to back it up.) Read more

Some of My Personal Favorite Quotes From My Studies

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So, it’s been over FOUR MONTHS since my last blog!!  There is a reason; and it’s not complacency.  I have been studying a lot; reading material that I find important to fighting the battle for liberty that I’m determined to fight.  Some of the readings in the last six months include Frederic Bastiat’s 13 Essays on Political Economy and his Economic Harmonies; Leonard Read’s “I Pencil”; a couple of Milton Friedman books; a few David Barton books, James Madison’s notes from The Constitutional Convention of 1787; Bill Warner’s Sharia Law for non-muslims; the qur’an; the hadith of Bukhari; Read more

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