It’s Time To Wake Up… Or Die

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In light of recent medical studies, I think the time has finally come in America where we need to seriously debate suspending ALL immunizations of our newborn children – and no, I’m not joking.  Yes, I understand that there is still a threat from hepatitis A and B; from diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough); from polio, RV, smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella and the like – however, I think it is logical to assume the if we stop inoculating our children – first at such a young age and eventually altogether – that these diseases will finally die out and no longer exist.  Basically, I acknowledge that yes, these diseases DO exist, however, the only reason they’re still in existence is because we perpetuate their existence by allowing them to live; in the form of immunizations and inoculations.  In short: they exist because we’ve not surrendered our immunizations.


OK, for those who I haven’t already lost by assuming I’m a raging lunatic or a moron of monstrous proportions – no I’m not serious, that would be the stupidest argument ever presented for battling disease.  But neither was I joking, I was simply using a different perspective to show a universal lunacy. Read more

Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora – Don’t Confuse Symptoms With Problems

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I have intentionally refrained from commenting on the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, because I wanted to make sure that I don’t interject emotion into an important subject to understand. I’m not concerned with the minute details: when it started, how long it lasted, calibers, clothes, etc. I’m concerned with what makes someone do what he did. Was it personal or societal: is it a problem or a symptom?


So many will likely say “this man was sick,” or he was “obviously crazy,” etc.  It is emotionally soothing – not to mention quick, easy, and painless – to say someone who commits such acts is crazy, loony, nuts, unbalanced, etc.  But it’s not necessarily the case, and in fact often times is not the case. Was he depraved, yes: crazy, not necessarily. This is more an act – imho – of selfishness. Somehow, in his mind, other people hurting more than he himself made him feel better. Now, you probably think that is crazy in and of itself – but are you altogether different? Have you ever been happy to see someone else pulled over for speeding instead of you? Have you ever said; “yeah, TAX THE RICH,” or laughed when you saw an $80,000+ sports car side-swipe a concrete wall; as if that really affects you personally, makes your life better or easier, or puts more money in your pocket? Read more

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