Mother Teresa on a Stamp – DENIED? Separation of Church & State???

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So, the United States Post Office wants to honor Mother Teresa on a stamp, and there are actually people who protest? Why? Because aside from being an incredible woman who willingly gave of herself, gave her possessions to the poor and needy, helped everyone in her path, forsook self indulgence to indulge others, she had a very dark and evil side…she was a CHRISTIAN!

Can an organization actually exist that loves America, understands the Constitution, and would support such nonsense? I do not believe so, but enter – The Freedom From Religion Foundation. Now, as a Christian, lover of America, and someone who values the Constitution, I believe these people do have a right to organize and to produce this nonsense, regardless as to how stupid it is. (However, their title establishes them as a clearly anti-constitutional organization; we are guaranteed freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion by the Constitution.) But, how does their argument play out in the courts. Quite simply, it doesn’t.  It doesn’t even see the inside of our courts, if the judges were to act with integrity. Unfortunately, while we do have the FFRF, we do not have enough courts with integrity (especially in decidedly “blue” cities and states). Our judicial system in this nation has become corrupted and illogical. I am beginning to wonder how many federal judges have actually read the Constitution. Were they all sick the day they taught the Constitution in law school? Here is the First Amendment, verbatim:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now, where in this article do you read “Separation of Church and State”? Our courts really need to be reigned in. I am tired of the supreme court relying on “precedence”. The only “precedence” the supreme court needs to rely upon is the U.S. Constitution, The Federalist Papers, The Declaration of Independence, and any other important documents which explain our founding principles. No precedence, no foreign law, and lower courts decisions mean nothing. The supreme court is supposed to set straight the lower courts when they are out of line, not lead the charge in stupidity. Separation of church and state is the classic example. The supreme court, through following bits and pieces of precedence of their very court throughout the years, eventually led to the imbecilic fabrication of a “Separation of Church and State”. Now that it is just accepted as fact, it threatens to remove God from our nation (which was ironically founded primarily on religious freedom) and send us down a path towards irreconcilable ruin.

The fact of the matter is this: the United States Congress CANNOT establish a Federal religion. They cannot ban a particular religion from being practiced. Very simple. And the fact that a federal entity, the US Post Office, puts out a stamp with someone who happens to be a Christian, does not violate the Constitution. Congress “shall make no law” establishing religion OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof. A stamp is not a law!

We need to stop this activist court system. Firearm ownership and religious freedom are the bedrock of freedom and this nations principles. Liberals are NOT completely stupid. They are crafty. They understand that when we have no religion we have the government to look to for help and inspiration. And when we have no guns we have no means to revolt. It’s not by accident that these organizations exist. Socialistic utopia is their end game. Except it doesn’t exist. It cannot exist. Socialism/Communism and happiness never have and never will coexist. It’s simply the law of common sense. DO NOT let the courts take our nation from us! Fight back, elect TRUE CONSERVATIVES!

I am not asking you to blindly support the Republican Party.  I personally do not, so I wouldn’t ask you to either.  Instead, support Conservative candidates.  I am a true Conservative, who cannot be swayed, cannot be influenced with donations, and cannot be bought.  If you agree with me, if you will trust me, and if you will help me to take back America, one Congressional seat at a time, PLEASE DONATE to my cause; or you can e-mail me at  You WILL be joining an attempt to take back America from the Liberalism that threatens us!


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