Patriotism ~ What Is It? Happy Independence Day To All!

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PATRIOTISM ~ What is it? I believe it’s putting others ahead of yourself. I believe it is a willingness to serve people you’ve never met while offering them freedom they don’t deserve. I believe it’s providing them the liberty and CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC our Founders secured, while they vote for those who’d destroy it. Some do so because they envision a new and “better” America; some simply vote a party line without ever vetting the candidates they support.  I view patriotism as the ability to remove from your mind the reality that your life may end in pursuit of justice for mankind, so that your focus is on the mission at hand and not the harm that could become you.  The mission at hand?  Liberty.  Patriotism is the blind willingness to do what is right in God’s eyes, regardless of what man’s eyes will see and man’s mouth will slander.  Our soldiers in battle are patriots.  Our soldiers in reserve, waiting their turn are patriots.  Our soldiers who have never been summoned to battle, and those who never will, are patriots.  You do not have to have been thrust into battle to be a patriot.  Just the willingness to sign up, understanding that you will go if called, makes you a patriot.  If a man, in an attempt to save a life, steps in between the President and a would-be assassin, and the would-be assassins gun misfires, does that make the man any less of a hero?  Was his willingness to take the shot not enough?  If you have served our nation in her defense, God bless you for it!  YOU ARE A PATRIOT!!!

God bless America, God bless our veterans, and God bless this day. Happy Independence Day to all!

Tracy C. Tarum


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