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So BP  is making advances, and hoping (85 days in) to finally cap this oil leak for good.  Wonderful!  Finally!  Alas!

But where is our federal government?  Where is President Obama?  Why is he on the golf, and not in the gulf?  Why SHOULD he be in the gulf?  Why SHOULD the federal government be responsible for a private (and foreign for that matter) company’s mistakes?

You see, I don’t think the President of the United States is responsible for capping the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  This man has never (and has proven that if charged to, he could never successfully have) managed so much as a lemonade stand; let alone actually having ever shown the capacity to deal with something of this magnitude.  However, I am not the one who wants to take over every aspect of your lives.  I do not want to run your bank.  I do not want to build your car.  I do not want to manage your mortgage.  I do not want to regulate your carbon dioxide output.  I don’t want to tell you whether or not you need health insurance, or where you need to get it.  And I have NEVER told you that I am the answer to your problems. 

President Obama, however, is an all-out socialist, and he wants the federal government in charge of all aspects of your life.  He want to control your money, your desires, your successes and failures; this man wants, through government regulation, to control every aspect of your life.  He sees government as the solution to life’s problems, not the problem to life’s situations.  Why, then, shouldn’t someone who wants control every aspect of the most powerful country in the world be able to handle something as simple as an oil leak?  I mean, seriously, in his world, the government is the answer to ALL our problems.  Surely it can handle oil spilling from the earth.

What is on display here is the proof of the inadequacies and ineptitude of an over-powerful, over-bearing, and overly-intrusive federal government.  What is on display is the failure of government at its best.  We could not have possibly written this failure script better!  Obama rides in on his white horse (aka, Air Force One) and has the tele-prompters set up.  He tells us (aka, reads to us from his tele-prompters) to further trust in the government while he figures out “whose ass to kick” as we eagerly await his decisions on how he’ll fix the oil leak. 

Of course, we find out that he is not actually in charge of this debacle.  He is getting his marching orders from The Apollo Group, (who we don’t want to expose too fully, so we’ll just call them a “good organization, out for America’s best interests”…I hope my sarcasm didn’t seep through).  We then start to question his handling of this oil spill that he has “taken control of,” which leads to questioning his handling of the economy, and whether or not we should follow him on that.  We examine his amnesty proposal, and question that.  Uh-oh…his house of cards seems to have lost the one of the interior walls.  It’s starting to collapse…..

So why should we listen to this man when he tells us the answer to this situation is to stop ALL drilling in the gulf for the next six months, and that somehow this is a reason why we need new “cap-and-tax” legislation?  Why should we assume that every off shore drilling rig is now a danger?  WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE ANYTHING THIS MAN SAYS?

Not only do we keep drilling off shore, we likewise need to keep drilling on land.  We need to start exploring suspected reserves within our borders, and harvesting known reserves.  We need to make sure this situation is not the death of domestic energy exploration.  We still must end our dependence on foreign oil!  Don’t lose faith because of an accident, and don’t fall into the emotional trap.  If you are reading my posts, you are most likely (though not necessarily) a Conservative.  You therefore are a logical thinker, not an emotional reactor!  You therefore should understand that we need to DRILL – BABY — STILL!


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