I Want A Restoration of the Truth ~ Defeat Liberalism!

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I want a restoration of truth and respect for our Founding Fathers once again in America.  Why do liberals and progressives want to suppress the truth and make our Founders and our founding into something it’s really not? This is a rhetorical question, of course, but I mean the following with all sincerity: friends & family who support the national Democratic Party…WAKE UP & GET REAL! If you have a conscience, how can you support a love of Christ, American ideals and the modern Democrat party? It is hard enough to swallow the rhetoric of the Republican Party; but at least they have yet to completely abandon the principles and acknowledgment of the principles of Christianity.  Rangel, Reid, Boxer, Pelosi, Obama; they seek the destruction of America’s structure and founding mores. If you don’t know that, educate yourself or there’s no hope: if you don’t believe me, then read some perspectives from writers prior to the 20th Century.


Our Founding Fathers were brave Patriots with an understanding of individual liberty, Natural rights, and what it took to secure them. Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and many, many, many more were men who would rather die in battle – or for their actions – than live as serfs. They laid their lives on the line, some fighting an extremely tough and seemingly insurmountable, battle to secure our nation’s freedom. We have squandered it because of what “we want; what makes us feel good; what can government do for me; etc.” We owe it to these brave men to live our lives under the Constitution they gave us. But even more important; we owe it to ourselves and posterity! If we don’t like the Constitution, then dammit, let’s change it.  But let us not be cowards and skirt it!


MANY, MANY brave Americans have died to give us this right; and many, many, many more were willing to die, but either fought in battle and lived or were never sent in. Their service demands that we live by the code that was established in the U.S. Constitution. It is the guideline for protecting liberty and prosperity for all who would choose to accept. I am sick and tired of this progressive movement that hates God, country, our Founders, and all that is good. If you are a supporter of the modern Democrat party, you should be ashamed of yourself! The Republican Party, as it stands today doesn’t even meet the guidelines upon which we were founded; the Democrat party is beyond repair. It that offends you; then why don’t you tell me where I’m wrong!


I am so sick of liberals with their emotion, bypassing logic in favor of “feelings.” So again, I expect an inbox full of explanations: Democrats/liberals…where have I misspoken?


Friends, PLEASE remove your “party loyalty” and examine what your party stands for: Republicans and Democrats alike. If you actually understand our founding, our Constitution and the rights it protects, then you cannot possibly support the Democrat party. You would instead hold your nose while voting for Republicans, and abhorring the Democrats: but that isn’t good enough for me! Grow up, grab some integrity, and abandon what is “comfortable.”  There are men and women dying on foreign battlefields every day, displaying the ultimate courage; and you are afraid to tell your daddy and grand-daddy that you have left the Democratic Party in order to support someone who does not wish to dismantle America?  Seriously?


America is precious in many ways and for many reasons: defend her, she’s worth it!  Step outside of what’s comfortable, and into what is right.  And to quote Dennis Miller: “of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”


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