2010, A Good Start; 2012 The Next Step ~ CONSERVATIVES UNITE!

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As I have previously stated, I served in the U.S. Air Force from 1994 through 1998.  I went through Basic Training from mid July through late August of 1994.  I got yelled at, humiliated, humbled; broken down!  There are many reasons for and goals of Basic Training.  To teach us discipline, to force us to listen to authority, and most important, for obvious reasons, is to break down the individual and rebuild us into a team.  Conservatives, we should be no different. 

This Progressive movement has broken us down; humiliated and humbled us (or at least it should have).  We were trusting people, and assumed the best in our adversaries in the opposing party.  We assumed that, like us, they loved this nation; they simply had a different view of the world and a different means to achieve it.  I mean, honestly, who can conceive of a major political party actually seeking the destruction of our Republic?  However, recently passed or suggested regulations and programs have uncovered a much darker, dreary, and cynical truth; that in our midst are those who truly hate the bedrock principles on which we were founded, and they seek to destroy them!

We need to band together, unite, and rise up as the voice of the past, the voice of reason, the voice of our Founders, the voice of truth!  We must continue to reclaim at the ballot box again in 2012, as we did this November 2nd, this Republic which was won on the battlefield 229 years ago.  We need solid leaders and reformers to serve as the Drill Instructors in our nation’s new Basic Training; we must be rebuilt with humility into the Republic of our founding.  We need Christian, conservative, principled, disciplined, committed, honest, fortified men and women of superb character with immense integrity to step up and do what needs to be done on behalf of this great Republic.  Divinity requires it.

If you served in the military, as I did, it is your DUTY to respond to the call of your nation and her people in thus, their time of need.  Wake up, rise up, and re-conquer the spirit of freedom which is being stripped from us by wolves in sheep’s clothing!  If we don’t do it now, with peace, I fear the next step.  I love my nation far more than any one man, or any administration.  God:  Family:  Country:  that is what matters to me.  If not us, who; if not now, when? 

Man does not choose the moment, the situation, the place or circumstances to be great.  George Washington did not choose to be born when he was, or to be placed in the situations he faced.  Samuel Adams did not choose the time or place in which his morals and faith would manifest.  James Madison only knew that he was blessed with incredible intellect, he did not know that it was to study history’s governments in order to help write a nearly perfect document, which if followed, allowed free men to govern themselves, while setting an example for all of mankind; which would produce prosperity untold, opportunity unimagined, and a perfection of personal achievement for all who dared to live out their dreams.  In just the same way, we did not choose this moment, rather this moment was divinely chosen for us, and we were placed in it for His purposes.  Some do not like to be reminded of this, but our Founders were men of Christ.  This nation didn’t happen by chance, nor was it simply conceived by the minds of men.  This nation was created by our Creator.  When He calls us, we owe it to Him to respond.

Friends, that is what I have done; I have responded to His call.  And I will continue until He tells me to rest.  Please, if you love your nation and Your Lord, join me in this non-violent fight for freedom, before it is too late.  Join a 9.12 group, a TEA Party, help support a TRUE conservative candidate for a local, state, or federal office.  Recruit a solid candidate, and help them get established.  There are ways to get involved; use that spirit of creativity Our Lord has given us all to find the way.


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