Our Courts Know Not Their Limitations

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So there I was, driving with my beautiful wife, on our way to Carrabba’s (by the way, THE BEST restaurant on the planet) for a date, when I hear on the radio that some ridiculous federal court has ORDERED the United States Air Force (with whom I served for four years) to immediately reinstate Maj. Margaret Witt, the open and known lesbian who was discharged for violation of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton decided that she “should be given her job back as soon as possible.”

When you get a minute, read Article III of the U.S. Constitution (you know, that old power-limiting document that too many federal Republicans are unaware of, and most Democrats at the federal level hate) and tell me where you find the power of a federal court to mandate ANYTHING to the military!  (Here is a link to the Constitution…)  Let’s just take this to its logical conclusion.  Let’s assume that Major Witt gained weight and no longer meets the Air Force requirements.  Let’s say she’s smoked some pot in her absence and is not longer eligible.  How about this:  while she was inactive, she became diabetic, or she did no conditioning and can no longer pass the physical.  Now what; will this judge of infinite wisdom now require the woman to lose weight, control her diabetes, or exercise?  Or will he force the Air Force to relax its standards?  Will the relaxing of the standards be for just her or for everyone in the U.S. Air Force?  Or, better yet, will it be for ALL the branches of the military?  Or…WILL ANYONE READ THE CONSTITUTION AND ASK THIS JUDGE WHERE THE HELL HE THINKS HE GETS THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE THIS DECISION???

Part of the reason why I ran for congress, and will again when the time is right (2012 if David Hall does not unseat Cooper, and “to be determined” if he does) is the inability of our courts to know their bounds.  Our States won’t stand up to the federal government and exert their powers; our federal government won’t live within its bounds as described in the Constitution; our courts see themselves as the most powerful branch of government, instead of a co-equal 1/3 branch of government, and neither the president, the congress, or the states will step up and put them in their place!  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY? 

All I want is a federal government that lives within the confines of power set forth by the Constitution, and state legislatures and governors who have the balls and brains enough to stand up for what is right.  I am not calling for or requesting disrespect or discontent from the states; I simply want some balance of power, and some people who understand what James Madison meant in Federalist #45 when he said “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal Government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State Governments are numerous and indefinite.”  We MUST remember, friends, that the federal government did not create the states, rather the states created the federal government.

Now, back to the matter at hand; the military is under the control of the executive branch, and funded by the legislative branch.  There exists the UCMJ, or Uniform Code of Military Justice.  This is, essentially, the legal system of the military.  Unless I’m mistaken, the only “Constitutional Right” extended to the military is the right against self incrimination as protected by the 5th Amendment.  Otherwise, as I have often stated, “One of the beauties of the military is that you essentially relinquish your Constitutional rights to defend the Constitution of the United States and the rights thereby guaranteed to your fellow citizens.”

Therefore, can we please just apply common sense to the situation and agree that this judge had absolutely no jurisdiction or Constitutional authority to render such an opinion?  Can we agree that simply passing the Bar exam does not exempt you from being a moron?  The reality is that we no longer teach the Constitution in high school, in college, or even in LAW SCHOOL!  (They simply teach case law.)  If you’ve never taken the initiative to read and study the Constitution or The Federalist Papers on your own, then you’ve likely never read them, and therefore do not understand them or our Founders intents. 

We MUST stand up against stupid decisions and usurpations of power by the courts, and take our country BACK!  We have but one last chance, friends, or it may be too late.  If we don’t get it right in the 2010 elections and continue it through the 2012 elections, our country as we know it may be gone.  Let’s not stand by and let that happen.  Let’s not allow the courts to over exert themselves.  Let’s restore the vision of our Founders!  Let’s restore liberty and self reliance!  Let’s, together, hold the courts responsible only for that which they are to be responsible!  Let’s RESTORE AMERICA!  God bless you all, and don’t take this lightly.  Our God created this nation for his use throughout this otherwise dark and dreary world.  Don’t let liberalism destroy it!


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  1. Dr. Alan L. Parrish on Tue, 28th Sep 2010 2:26 am
  2. As someone who has been a student of law for years, you are spot on when you state that they no longer focus on the Constitution in law school. That is the reason why I decided against a career in law. They do, indeed, study case law. They don’t study the backbone of that case law, that being the Constitution. It’s like reading the Bible, not understanding quite what it says in a particular verse, and, instead of studying the context, language, and background of the verse, making up your own interpretation and making it into a doctrine. Our whole legal system has been based on a set of misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and down right twisting of the words of the Framers. Yet, when confronted with the evidence to the negative, the judges still stand behind erroneous interpretations that have allowed them to, essentially, legislate from the bench. It is utterly ridiculous and it is time someone actually stood up to it!

  3. Kurtis Morgan on Sat, 2nd Oct 2010 4:09 pm
  4. How Long has RUSSIA been in existence? How many Revolutions,, has she endured?
    U.S.A. Only 1,,, Civil War)))) and look how costly that one was?? Need I remind you of what 1 revolutionary did in Oklahoma city!!
    It was NOT right!!! But the Courts and their Medieval henchman Pray upon Your $$$$$$$$ !!!!! In every town you live in!!!! If I knew a 1%er,,, I would invite them into my home,, as I would Jesus,,, !!! Because they do not be 2faced,,, their rules do not Cheat the POOR S.O.B. 20% of my wage,,, for a fine,,, should also be 20 % of donald Trump’s fine,,, try to imagine the devastation to a low income family!!?? Try to stop 1 person from Killing 10,,, and the cop’s say YOU have No Rights,,, the JUDGE Backs the Cops,,, and you Better think about what Your Military Brothers will be ordered to do to you and your family’s!!??? Should you decide to even Dare cast a Vote against them!!! Your only salvation is the 1%,,, but in the end they will be just as Bad!!!
    WHO DARES to Call Me A Lier??
    This is Not Limited to Judges,,!!!! Probation Officer’s,, and all Who are to weak to Underside Human frailty!!! You would Judge God him self!!! And bring HELL to us all,,!!! You must GO!!! Just Leave,,, or you May be caught up in someones RATH,,,
    And you Notice,, I did Not Say Anger!!! I am Even tempered!!! But Lansing Must Leave!!! And Leavenworth will see,, it’s Death!! Not By My Hand!!! But by it’s OWN GREED!!! NO One Want the Prostitutes Leavenworth Law enforcement has to offer!!! They are Meth Heads!,, and thieves,, sanctioned by the sheriff’s department!! And the Judge’s get a Portion!!! They even PIMP your OWN wife!!! Yes it is true!!! I Will Be Killed for this!!!
    Just as other American’s but this time it is for all the RIGHT reason’s!!! How can a Judge make more Money than the President,, how can a Probation officer make Half as much as the President??? And Just drive around town,,, and see how many Home’s are for sale,, or rent??? And Barney Fife of lansing Makes $50,000 a year??? And there are 30 of them???? STATE of The ART, PURSUIT Cars,,, what??? Do they not have STATE OF THE ART COMMUNICATIONS!!??? They need a car??? That will do 140 MPH in LANSING?? LET alone 3 of them??? HOLLYWOOD!!! That is how they Pimp your wife!!!! And she don’t mind,, she got safety of Judge– he get a slice– and safety of her pimp Cop,,!! WHAT R U GOING TO DO??? Nothing pussy,,!!!
    My Kid is a Very Good Kid,,!! Not a DO WELL!!! My Kid does NOT deserve to Die,, DO NOT LEAVE Her alone,, in America!!! Get Her out!!! She is NOT a Mc. DO. Well,,!!!! She Just wants to be a Misguided Cop,,!!! Sorry I allowed them to corrupt her!!! And to my fellow man,, or woman,!! Our justice system Need’s a Radical change??? Or there may be another Oklahoma City?? Some one will get feed up???and it Makes No sense to me,,, why innocent children should die for the greed of older children??? As we are all children of some one!!!???
    I warn U I am a Weak OLD Man,, But do you Know what 20 years of lifting Iron,, and a Korean War Mind set,, will do for ME??? Let alone the Younger Men??? Your Green Bert’s would not like it!!! Justice is Best served = on a % basis!!!!
    This is NOT about a vote!!! Take a Vote in Afghanistan!!! You would get More Truth!!! Than you will in America!!! And My family goes back to the war of 1812,,,!!! So Do NOT ask!!! I will Support 1%er ,,, ask Russia what to expect!!!,, then X 20!!!!
    BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!!!!
    YOU do Not extort $$$ from the real Criminals,,, You,, Your Cop’s and Judge, and Probation officer,, extort $$$ from the good Citizens,,!! And your time,, will soon be at HAnd!!! 4 Cop’s in the War Zone!!!
    Lansing owned Pursuit, state of the art, they would have done better to buy a couple of Bradlies!!! 1ith armament!
    Sorry I’m so Bitter!!!! But it is the truth!!! L.E. Is in trouble!!! And it would take 20 years to Back Down that Opinion!!! GOVERNMENT is NO GOOD,,!!!! LOOK at What your own Children Have had to go thru!!! If you do not care!!! Than you are to blame,, for your own child to suffer under this last oppression

  5. Ron Tedwater on Wed, 17th Nov 2010 6:54 pm
  6. Really nice post,thank you

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