Tonight We Put The Brakes On Socialism; In 2012, We Turn The Ship

November 2, 2010 by
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If the metaphoric “blood bath” that I believe is coming tonight materializes as I believe it will, then friends, tonight will be a GREAT night for America and all Americans!  Not because “Republicans” win big, but because of the quality of Republicans who will win.  Tonight, we should be able to put the brakes on this socialistic Titanic, and in 2012, finally have control enough to turn this ship around. 

For far too many years, the nation has been under the control of one political party, the Progressive Party, with two wings; the extreme left Democratic wing of the Progressive Party, and the slightly left Republican wing of the Progressive Party.  Well, this year, enough American’s finally said “enough is enough,” and have taken a renewed interest in their country!  There may have been a bigger turn in 1894 (numerically), and when this night is finished, perhaps it will reveal that even 1994 was a bigger “sweep.”  However, neither election cycle will match this one in importance, expression, and shift in pure philosophy.  Tonight, progressivism gets a two-year case of influenza, until conservative Republicans retake the Senate and Executive branch in 2012, and kill it forever.  (I am not conceding, however, retaking the Senate tonight; it could very well happen.)  Or if I’m wrong, then it’s too late, and it will only prolong the inevitable; a long, drawn out, painful death of freedom, prosperity, and happiness; likely culminating in a takeover of our nation by outsiders within the next half century.  If this sounds drastic to you, or off base, then you’ve clearly not followed closely enough what your government has done to your nation.

The quality of the candidates who are running as Republicans this cycle is far above those in 1994, the year of “The Republican Revolution.”  Those were “conservative” Republicans, but they were not Constitutionalists.  Our country was headed in the wrong direction, but it wasn’t about to be driven off a cliff.  People were awakened to the need to fight for their country, but not nearly as abruptly or powerfully as today.  Friends, we are staring our death in the face if we don’t get this right!  I have confidence that this crop of new conservatives know what they are fighting for.  I do not believe they will fall into the “party line,” rather I believe the party will realize it can get in the “TEA Party Express” movement, or get the hell out of the way!  Be warned, RINOs, you are about to lose your cushy, powerful, overstated, underperforming, ill-guided, progressive-leaning existence and grasp on power; and you’re about to be molded into the party that saved the day!

The “Non-Violent Revolution of 2010” is about to begin!  All ABOARD?!


2 Comments on Tonight We Put The Brakes On Socialism; In 2012, We Turn The Ship

  1. Brian Abston on Wed, 3rd Nov 2010 9:02 am
  2. Well said Tracy! Good to see you last night. Keep fighting.

  3. Joann Scala on Fri, 5th Nov 2010 12:26 am
  4. You are Right on the money, Tracy! And over the last 48 hours since this American Mandate, it’s obvious that the Progressives and RINOs STILL don’t get it! Democrats are thinking that we still just don’t understand … and Republicans are beating their chests, thinking that they’ve actually ACCOMPLISHED something! THANKFULLY, America has sent new, energized folks to the Hill … MANY of which will take their oath to preserve our Constitution seriously! And there are MANY MORE still out here in the heartland who will watch, take notes, and take our Country back to the dream of our Founding Fathers! The Gavel today … the Oval Office in 2012!

    Stay Focused and Committed to the Future!!!

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