Another Act of Senseless Violence Defies Reasoning

January 8, 2011 by
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While reports still vary, it is understood that Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at point blank range today, but she is alive, and in critical condition.  Join me in praying for her in this time of need.  Pray for guidance, on behalf of the doctors and nurses caring for her and for God’s healing hand of mercy.  Also harmed in this incident were some aides of hers, as well as some by-standers.  Reports and numbers are still unclear, however one thing is not; the need for prayers at this time.

Whether this was random or targeted is still unknown, and matters not in diagnosing this as an unnecessary, useless, and cowardly act; perpetrated by a coward lacking morals or virtue.  Whether conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, man or woman, adult or child; we can all agree that this act is senseless, and hope that those who perpetrated this crime are brought to a full and deserving justice, after a fair and speedy trial amongst their peers. 

Violence breeds violence, and it solves nothing.  While it’s hard to “wish” for anything in a tragic situation like this, I truly hope that this act was random, and not targeted due to political inclinations.  The only thing that could make this tragedy worse at this time is if it was carried out by political extremists, on either end of the spectrum.  Acts like this, if politically motivated, create a chasm in the political discourse, which is already torn by legitimate debates as to the direction of our country.  As Americans, we have neither the patience nor tolerance for illegitimate acts of violence such as this. 

Again, please continue to pray for the individuals and their families, of all those involved.

Tracy C. Tarum


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