Has Islam Been Hijacked By Radicals? Could Christianity Be Hijacked?

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While I always respect and appreciate other people’s opinions, I don’t like to rely on their opinions, to form my own opinions, if there is actual text I can study myself.  For that reason, I decided I was through with listening to “experts” on the dangers of Islam, or the peaceful nature of Islam, or the misunderstandings of Islam; and instead decided to study Islam for myself.  (And for the record, nearly all of what I’m about to say is not my opinion…it’s FACT; with documentation to back it up.)


So I started by reading the Qur’an; the Muslim “Bible” if you will.  One thing the Qur’an told me was that I MUST study the Sunna as well, which consists of the Hadith (Muhammad’s traditions) and the Sira (Muhammad’s biography), in order to understand and emulate Muhammad.  So I read (and recommend reading) the “Hadith of Bukhari, Volumes I, II, III, and IV;” and “The Life of Muhammad” by Ibn Isaq, translated by Alfred Guillaume (FYI: all of my references to Hadith or Sira are from these two books).  The Qur’an and Sunna also taught me the “Doctrine of Abrogation,” (Hadith 1:657 and elsewhere) – which states that because Allah is ever revealing, and Muhammad was human, subject to mistakes and changes, some verses contradict or are further built upon each other, so you always go with the later revelations, teachings, and examples of the Prophet Muhammad.  I also noticed that I was never instructed in any of the Islamic trilogy (Qur’an, Hadith, or Sira) to follow Allah; only to follow Muhammad.


What I just said is not my opinion; it is FACT, from the Qur’an itself.  I believe that it is very important to understand what I just said: it is NOT my opinions; it IS the teachings of the Qur’an.


One of the problems with Christianity is that not enough people TRULY follow it as it is written and as we are commanded by Christ.  If we as Christians did, we’d have millions of missionaries all over the world, spreading the truth, offering Christ’s love and heavenly promise to all who will accept, burning with the flame of righteousness and truth for all to witness and behold.  Such is the same in the Muslim world, where a majority do not actually follow their true scripture and Prophet (which actually works out good for us, because the lessons we are taught in our Holy books are VASTLY different!!).


In theory, if it were possible that everyone actually followed the Biblical teachings, which says to emulate Christ, what would happen?  There would be world peace, free will, and decency amongst each other; and all men would be equal.  And it would be a peaceful conversion until that end was achieved, because Christ taught free-will conversion, mercy, selflessness, and peace.  If in the same theory, all mankind followed Buddhism or Hinduism, we would see the same results; no violence.


However, if the whole world, in the same theory, followed the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, the result would be vastly different (remember, the Qur’an says that Muhammad is the Prophet, and all must emulate him…I don’t say that, the Qur’an says that).  In order to achieve his goals, Muhammad himself did, or authorized his followers to:


conceal their faith to deceive (“…concealed his Islam and did not let it be seen.  Sira 161);


lie (he said “war is deceit” when authorizing one of his troops to lie in order to neutralize and then murder an enemy; Hadith 52:269 and again “I must tell lies, O Apostle. “ He [Muhammad] said, “Tell them.” Sira 771);


torture (“He [Muhammad] then ordered to cut off their hands and feet… and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron…and when they asked for water, no water was given [and they died].” Hadith 1:234 (also found in the Sira) and again “The Apostle gave orders…’Torture him until you extract what he has,’ so he kindled a fire…on his chest until he was nearly dead.” Sira 763-764);


break contracts with non-believers without their knowledge or consent (“…took the paper [a signed peace agreement] and erased what was written…” Sira 676);


mistreat women (“Women are plentiful and you can easily change one for another…got up and gave her a violent beating” Sira 734; also “…the witness [of] a woman [is] equal to half that of a man’s…because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.” Hadith 3:826; and dozens more examples exist giving men permission to beat women – though only lightly – for many offenses; as well as for men to have sex with their wives “whenever it pleases” the man.);


murder (Muhammad participated personally in the beheading of 700 – 900 Jews who had surrendered, Sira 690; and MANY, MANY more examples throughout the Hadith and Sira of his brutality in battle.)


There are dozens more examples of each of these bullets, and hundreds more examples overall, but the short of it is this fact; total chaos and violence would reign throughout the world until all mankind was killed or converted.  And even then – when all those who chose not to die, but instead accepted conversion to Islam – those not born Muslim would still be dhimmi, or second class citizens.


Here are some more facts: Muhammad converted about 150 people (all are even listed by name in the Sira) in his first 13 years in Mecca, when he preached love, peace, and that he was Allah’s final prophet, sent to reveal the truth to mankind through the revelations to him from the Archangel Gabriel.  He was tormented, picked on, and sometimes assaulted in Mecca, and was essentially run out of town as a crazy man, a soothsayer, a lunatic, which is when he fled to Medina.


That is when he turned violent, implementing the “convert or kill” method to convert the “people of the book (Jews and Christians), polytheists, pagans, idolaters” and the like, while also “getting back” at those who had wronged him – (this “getting back” would appear to be my opinion; but he had a list of people to torture/kill who were people who had done these things to him, so I’m keeping it in the “fact” column) – in his quest to retake Mecca, until ALL professed that “Allah is the one true God, and Muhammad is his Prophet.”  In that time, spanning 10 years, using the violent methods, he killed THOUSANDS.  But what’s even more important, he converted over 100,000.  (Who said crime doesn’t pay!! – OK, that’s my opinion…and a bit of sarcasm.)


I guess for what it’s worth, I’ll now offer my opinion.  It’s easy to be surrounded by good people, who happen to be Muslims, and assume that all is well and they would never hurt you; and to thereby ascertain that their religion is a religion of peace, overtaken by extreme radicals.  You are likely correct, they probably have no desire to harm you or ill will towards you, and it is likely that they love you as a friend.  But as I’ve said, it has become VERY clear to me that those people are NOT truly following their religion.  They are akin to us Christians who refuse to proselytize to others, who refuse to study our Bible and get to know our religion; who refuse love The Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind; and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Sure, we’re still Christians, but we don’t truly know our religion, and we are not following what our leader – Christ – taught us.  And for that, we will still be forgiven, and still see Heaven, however we risk not being rewarded with God’s blessing of “well done, my good and faithful servant.” 


In short; if Christianity is overtaken by radicals who want to overtake their religion by following the example of their leader, then the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Peace, Love, Mercy, Virtue, Righteousness, Selflessness, and an Invitation to the Well Spring of Everlasting Life that only He can provide – will be spread like wildfire throughout the world.


If, on the other hand, Islam is overtaken by radicals who want to overtake their religion by following the examples of their leader, then you WILL convert, or you WILL die.  And along the way; torture, rape, mutilation and murder; Christians will be slain, Jews will be beheaded, peace contracts will not be fulfilled, lies and deception will fool you…..  And while Muhammad was never able to fly planes into buildings or bomb buildings, his actions leave little doubt that the ONLY think that kept him from doing so was the technology of the day.


Make no mistake, I have no ill will towards Muslims, they are my brothers and sisters of this world.  It is, in fact, my job to offer them – as it is my job to offer Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, and agnostics – the truth of the Lamb of God; to offer to them the truth of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  I am to be a living example, by “letting them know I am a Christian by my love.”  It is not Muslims that I dislike, it is Islam that I detest – much the same as the theory of “love the sinner, but not the sin.”


And I am furthermore convinced, the more I study the scriptures of Islam, that Geert Wilders is absolutely correct: while there certainly are moderate Muslims, there is no such thing as moderate Islam.  And for that reason I now understand that there are many peaceful Muslims, but Islam, unfortunately, is not a religion of peace. 


If only we Christians would hijack our religion..…


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