The War On Christmas…Or Is It On Something Different??

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So I’ve read a few articles over the last few weeks about the “War on Christmas.” I must admit, on this subject I’m basically winging this. This is merely my raw, un-debated, un-researched, off-the-cuff expression of my emotional beliefs in this matter…which may actually be better in this discussion.


I will admit right off the bat that I am torn about this. I am a devout, though imperfect, Christian, still nowhere near the man Christ saved me to be. I have spent the last year studying and appreciating the science of the laws of nature and the origins of liberty. I am a Christian who values God first and foremost, and an oft-cynical pragmatist who tries to swim through the muck and mire that has been created by secularist indoctrination and opinion in our culture, and our collective turning from God as a society; even while we seem to think we are at the historical height of spiritual awareness. Basically, I’m someone who tries to avoid all that crap and figure out for himself what matters and what doesn’t.


Here is where my conflicts originate. I know that Christ and Christmas are not synonymous. Our celebrating Christ’s birth is nowhere discussed, encouraged, or inspired by the Holy Scriptures. And even worse, by most credible accounts, Christmas originated as a pagan holiday. So yes, I acknowledge that, in reality, Christmas really isn’t a part of Christianity – and I think this is a point that more American’s need to grasp. The best analogy I can give is this: You go to a football game, and there are fans eating hot dogs and drinking beer. And while that has nothing to do with the game itself, many have made the two synonymous: who hasn’t heard “you can’t go to a game without getting a hot dog and a beer, it’s part of the experience.” In the same sense, just as some have made a hot dog and a beer synonymous with a football game, so too, we believers have erroneously allowed Christmas and Christianity to become synonymous. (Poor analogy I admit, but the best I can come up with…and honestly, where else can you hear a Christian compare Christmas to beer and a hot dog!!)


Now, even though I admit that Christ and Christmas are not synonymous, in our society they have become so in the minds of many by praxis. And for that reason, the secularists, and the all out God-haters in our society, are hell-bent to destroy Christmas; because of this popular belief.


This is where I start to gravitate towards joining the “war on Christmas.” It isn’t that Christianity is actually being attacked, but it is being attacked de facto in the sense that the secularists are attacking what they think is Christianity. In other words, my problem is with the intent behind the effort to negate Christmas; an effort to force what appears to be associated with God or Christ out of society, even if it isn’t really associated with God or Christ. Let’s not forget; the goal of the secularists is to negate God completely by any means.


But then, I’m brought back again to this realization: most Christian Americans don’t live a Christian life. We don’t present a Christian example; we don’t appear to have ever read Scripture; we’ve never sought or followed God’s will in our lives. Nonetheless, we call ourselves “Christians,” and then get offended when someone says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” because it’s an “attack” on our “religion.” And then I am suddenly less inclined to care about this “war” because I am forced to see the phoniness and hypocrisy in the “warriors” of the issue. And then I look further, and I see the decline of American culture, due to the irrelevancy of Christianity that is both underway and further impending, which I attribute almost exclusively to this hypocritical bunch of “warriors” who I’ve just described, and to today’s churches (which I’ll get to in a minute). Then, the dangers being brought on by these phony “warriors” becomes the “war” I think I need to fight instead…


But then, I’m again reminded that there is a strong movement today in America, whose intent is the removal of God (and more specifically Christ) from the hearts and minds of Americans at all cost – and it is not for the perceived “good” of America. As I’ve said, it is the intent behind those expressly and intently secular people’s motives who want to remove anything spiritual, eternal, religious or absolute (and ESPECIALLY Christian) from society that gives me that inkling of a desire to join the “warriors” in this “war on Christmas.” At times, it starts to pull me in psychologically, and I almost enter their “war;” and then…


I’m once again reminded that one of the main problems in America today is that the hearts and minds of men that have abandoned Christ anyway: most believers just don’t realize it. We have been witnessing a gradual secularization of the Christian faith in general in this country over the last several decades; creating a faith where “anything goes, we accept all, do what feels right, just come to our church.” Too many of us don’t go to church – or in any way congregate with other believers – on a regular basis; we don’t read and/or have never read our Bible; and to the extent that we do give to charity and church, it is more for a tax write-off than benevolence and a Christ-like heart.


And in my opinion, we can largely attribute this complacency to our churches, who all too often have become more concerned with attendance, popularity, and social standing than standing on truth and righteousness, and reaching out to lost souls and the needy through an honest preaching of the Holy Scripture. Instead, too many preach a watered down messages that will tickle the emotions of the numbed masses, and fail to exhibit an outright belief in the integrity and power of simply preaching God’s word in all its truth and glory.


Our society is crumbling, morality is nearly non-existent, and we’ve devolved into a belief that the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States somehow protects our right to kill an unborn child, and to engage in and spread pornography, nudity, and societal filth; but not the right for pastors and believers to be seen, heard, recognized, and revered in society. And we as Americans and as believers don’t seem to care; we just accept this. So I start thinking “what does it matter? Why should I care if other “Christians” don’t care? Why should I be concerned, since the reason we’re losing this battle is predicated upon the internal collapse of the body of believers anyway?”


And then I’m reminded that one of the reasons that many businesses, schools, colleges, etc. have quit saying “Merry Christmas” – or honoring Christ in any way – is simply because they’re afraid of “offending” someone. (How can saying “Merry Christmas” offend anyone?)


And also, today in our schools, kids are being banned from wearing clothes that simply say “Christmas” or that show the crèche; Christmas parties are holiday parties; Christmas break is “Holiday” break; etc.


Which brings me to another aspect I can’t simply ignore; the fear of “offending” isn’t the only reason schools ban certain aspects; it’s also a fear of lawsuits and court’s orders. We are now witnessing a judiciary that is near tyrannical, “forcing” any Christ-based displays out of our public – to include Christmas; as the courts have also made Christmas and Christianity synonymous. The problem isn’t exclusively predicated upon the collapse of the body of believers, it’s also aided by our court system; for example when courts “mandate” (I say “forcing” and “mandate” with quotes because courts have no power, they only render opinions) that public displays of the crèche must be removed or prohibited because it is “unconstitutional promotion of religion.” It’s not unconstitutional, even if it is on publicly owned property, and it should be neither forced nor prohibited. And in a few months, we will hear these same cries over Easter – yet another Christian “Holiday”. (Because I believe it’s either Luke or John where the Easter Bunny is first discussed in Scripture……) That starts to make me want to fight in this “war” again…


But then I remind myself: what does it matter anyway? Christmas and Christianity are not synonymous!


So there I find myself: confused.


So, for what it’s worth: my instinct is to feel a little bit annoyed at the stupidity of companies, schools, etc. that change long held standards and traditions for any inane reason, especially one that lacks principle. Then I get a little upset that they are offended at and attacking the religion of the vast , majority of Americans – even if it is poorly practiced or expressed…wait a minute, how did they offend religion? I then remind myself again that Christianity and Christmas are not synonymous, but keep in mind that those who seek the destruction of God’s presence anything in an attempt to undermine God: so they attack it; secularize it; minimize it; make it irrelevant.


And then it hit me: are we actually being used as human shields in a battle of “their” war? Have we fallen victim to being used as blind defendants in the enemy’s war?! Theirs is not a war against Christmas; it’s a war for the complete secularization of America!!


Prior to D-Day, we Americans deceived the Germans with an elaborate and still little-known deception, code-named “Fortitude South”. While we were planning to land in Normandy, we deceived the Germans – mainly through false radio transmissions – into thinking that the main attack would come in the Pas-de-Calais and the Low Countries to the east. Have we as Christians been deceived? Have we allowed ourselves to be distracted? Is it possible that we as Christian Americans are building up our defenses in Pas-de-Calais; and that the “people” we’re defending aren’t really even people? Are we protecting something (Christmas) that doesn’t need protecting, and fighting a war in the wrong place?


We, as Christians, MUST fight against the secularization of our churches, of our society, of our rights to freely express our God as we see fit. It is our duty not only as Christians, but also as free human beings and as Americans to fight injustice – and forced secularization is an injustice. But focusing our attention on something as arbitrary as Christmas, while ignoring  skyrocketing abortion rates, Christianity and Christian churches that are crumbling morally and Scripturally, immoral public leaders, near-tyrannical courts, the poor and needy going un-helped except by the government with money taken from us, etc., all play into the hands of our “enemy.” We are letting them win because we are fighting the wrong battle. We should be fighting for righteousness, not for ritual.


For the most part, 200 years ago Christianity was actually lived out in the hearts and lives of almost all American individuals and families; yet Christmas was either not celebrated at all, or barely thought of. About 60-70 years ago Christianity was still significant in the hearts of most families and individuals in America, and Christmas had been elevated to being celebrated as an “important” holiday. Today, true Christianity is almost dead in America and is evaporating from the hearts of American individuals and families at an alarming rate. Many “Christians” don’t live a Christian life in the least, and haven’t been to a church in years – save maybe at Christmas and Easter; and most don’t read their Bibles, support mission organizations, volunteer their time and talent, or help their brothers and sisters in need: and yet the celebration of Christmas is seemingly perceived as the most important aspect of a modern Christian’s spiritual life.


Most of us don’t raise our children with Christian principles and in scriptural study. Most Americans – even the ones who call themselves Christian – have NEVER READ the Bible!!


I presume that those who are fighting so hard for the acceptance of saying “Merry Christmas” expect all of these aforementioned problems – and the hundreds more that exist – to be cleared up once we’re allowed to once again say “Merry Christmas” in public without consternation. Surely they haven’t simply overlooked all our actual societal ills? Surely we’ve not been brainwashed ourselves as Christians? Surely they’ve thought through this all logically and determined that this is the best way to glorify Christ, and have not fallen victim to emotion; having their efforts misdirected to a secular battle as opposed to a spiritual one.


If we want to fight, then let’s fight: God knows there’s plenty to fight for and against! But fellow believers, why don’t we stop fighting semantics and start fighting secularization? Why don’t we start fighting the internal degradation of our churches instead of the expressions of salutation during the season?  In short, Christians: let’s collectively stop fighting for Christmas, and start fighting for CHRIST!!


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