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In light of recent medical studies, I think the time has finally come in America where we need to seriously debate suspending ALL immunizations of our newborn children – and no, I’m not joking.  Yes, I understand that there is still a threat from hepatitis A and B; from diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough); from polio, RV, smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella and the like – however, I think it is logical to assume the if we stop inoculating our children – first at such a young age and eventually altogether – that these diseases will finally die out and no longer exist.  Basically, I acknowledge that yes, these diseases DO exist, however, the only reason they’re still in existence is because we perpetuate their existence by allowing them to live; in the form of immunizations and inoculations.  In short: they exist because we’ve not surrendered our immunizations.


OK, for those who I haven’t already lost by assuming I’m a raging lunatic or a moron of monstrous proportions – no I’m not serious, that would be the stupidest argument ever presented for battling disease.  But neither was I joking, I was simply using a different perspective to show a universal lunacy.


A threat is never eliminated by giving it free rein to enact it’s will upon your own, with minimal or zero resistance.  This has been known and accepted as common sense throughout the history of man.  Yet somehow a portion of our population actually believes that if we were simply to ban all guns, in all public places and homes; that evil would cease to exist.  Evil is a disease, and means of protecting ourselves from the various forms of evil are cures – whether it’s firearms for protection, locks on our doors to keep out the unwanted, brandings on cattle to deter theft, a strong military for dissuading foreign aggressors…


Gun control laws are not about saving lives or making society safe, and they never have been.  Gun control is not perpetuated by politicians in power as a means of public safety, but as a means of keeping their own power safe from a revolt of the public.  This was almost universally understood throughout history, until recent years when our populace has been so systematically and effectively dumbed-down, that too many in our collective society no longer have the ability to reason and think.  Not only do our establishments of “education” no longer teach our youth to think, but they teach them NOT TO think; rather to accept.


Case in point: the idea that laws banning guns in certain places will make said places safer – based on an illogical assumption that everyone will adhere to the ban.  It is a fallacy of logic beyond comprehension that anyone would actually believe this.  A criminal is by definition, one who refuses to obey the laws of a society.  So obviously someone who lacks virtue, integrity, and morals, and who possesses intent to harm another person with a firearm, will do so regardless of any laws; whereas a law abiding citizen is one who adheres to the laws, often times though they don’t agree with them and sometimes even endanger them.  So how can one not comprehend that a criminal – who like any human being will naturally pursue the path of least resistance towards accomplishing their goal – will always choose a gun-free zone over a gun-filled zone to perpetrate their crimes; especially when there is so much evidence to support the obvious?


We think of the very recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Columbine, the tragedy in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater, the campus of Virginia Tech, and so many more. What did these all have in common?  They were all alleged gun-free zones – which, as they turned out, translated to zones free from guns in the hands of moral people, but filled with guns in the hands of immoral people.  These were all places where innocence died, and evil lived.  Why is it that I have yet to hear of a mass shooting at a police station, a gun show, a shooting range, a large hunting expedition, a trap and skeet shoot…??


Someone recently analyzed 93 random mass shootings, and found that the average number of people killed in mass shootings which were stopped by police was 14.3, while the average number of people killed when stopped by a civilian was 2.3.  Now, I don’t claim this to be a scientific study, I only mention it to illustrate a logical point: any true scientific study would be likely to net similar results, because obviously an armed citizen is a much better, faster, and logical way to end an impending mass-murder than waiting for police to respond as people are being picked off one by one.


Again, no one would believe that the best way to fight disease is to disarm the body of its defenses; yet we accept the notion that disarming the body from a means of defending against the societal disease of an armed man with intent to harm us will somehow make us safe. In fact, the ONLY way anyone could believe this is if they refuse to think.  And what is the most effective way to get someone to refuse to think?  It is to indoctrinate them from their youth, and to never allow them to learn HOW to think – while telling them they are the smartest collective people in the world. Only a mind which knows not how to think, could accept this as fact.


But let’s not stop there in offering examples of refusal to think: much of our youth believe that man can contribute to the global climate by his insignificant contributions to the atmosphere, but can’t articulate why.  It’s because they were taught to accept that blindly, and not think it through.  It would never occur to them to consider what scientists conclude who get their funding based on the accuracy of their work, vs. those who get their money from government grants, and the benefits the government can gain if people believe they’re affecting the climate.  They likewise believe that raising already confiscatory tax rates on those who provide the wheels for our economy will somehow improve the economy AND increase revenues to the treasury.  Why?  Because they’re taught not to study economics for themselves, but to accept that which they’re told – despite the existence of myriads of studies available to prove explicitly the contrary.  And the same refusal to study available sources and to think for themselves applies to understandings of race relations, banking principles and the value of money, the purpose, role, and intent of government, the importance of morality and virtue in a society that self governs, the moral and religious beliefs of most of our Founding Fathers, and on and on and on.


If we are going to have any chance of changing our course, we must reclaim our system of education and teach our children once again to think and reason.  A society cannot long exist when it has lost these abilities and is as collectively stupid as ours is today.  Can our actions in life and business contribute to pollution in a limited area and be detrimental to the betterment of our society? Absolutely – but we cannot control the global climate.  Is there a point where too low of a tax rate will decrease revenues to the treasury and leave us unable to provide the basic services of government? Obviously – if the tax rates were zero there would be no revenue; if they were 100% there would be no production.  Is there a proper role of government, or should we even have a government? Yes – but it’s not supposed to be your daddy, or your provider or the protector of your life, nor should it be the means of your income: it should simply protect the property of each individual, and protect the basic agreed upon tenets of a civil society.  Were their deists among our Founders?  Sure – there were many religious views: though Thomas Paine is the only one of which I’m aware.  But it never occurs to most to examine the thousands of writings available from our Founders alluding to their beliefs not only in an active and participatory Creator, but likewise petitioning him to grant his Sovereign blessings upon themselves and posterity.  Many wouldn’t think to research and find the thousands of examples they provided of what would happen if immorality became the norm in a self-governing society.  Can a self-governing society exist absent being guided by moral people?  Not for long.  So why do so many hold the views they do on these and so many other important subjects?  Simple – they don’t know how to think: and what’s worse is that they don’t know that they don’t know how to think…


We are now a nation which has relinquished our Liberty for an illusion of security; which is actually a bondage into governmental slavery; which most would never suspect and cannot understand because of their inability comprehend the concept of political slavery.  And the only way we can begin to save ourselves from this calamity and the possibility of an outright societal collapse is to once again return to a people who appreciate and revere morality, righteousness, virtue, enlightenment – and the furtherance of these and similar values.  Because when we do, we’ll start to understand that we’ve been complicit in willingly shackling ourselves with the one danger our Founders clearly knew, articulated, understood, and warned us of: the concentration of power.  And what do those who possess a concentration of power desire?  To keep their power concentrated and not allow it to be disbanded.  And how do you keep your subjects from revolting?  Convince them that they’re not in bondage, but are free; and disarm them and keep them disarmed.  (Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to feed the bottom half of the population with the confiscated earnings of the upper half…)  What are we today in America?  We are an educationally ignorant society which is being held in bondage but think we are free; and we are a self-disarming society, with every emotionally-driven law that we willingly submit to after every horrific and highly publicized event, as we trade a little more of our Liberty for what we’re told is a little more security – but what is in all actuality even less security.


We need another Age of Enlightenment or we’ll return to the Dark Ages, as we are already starting to see in our society today.  God help us if we cannot see the impending peril in surrendering ourselves to elected representatives who declare “Let them eat cake!!” while it is their own policies which deprive us of our daily bread.  And God help us if we subjugate ourselves and adhere to the policies of these same people whose plan to save us from disease – metaphorically speaking – is to remove from us the means of inoculation.


Ronald Reagan once said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”  Well let’s face reality: surrendering our right to self defense as an emotional compromise to tragedy is the greatest initial step possible towards the extinction of our remaining Liberty; especially when we’ve already surrendered the ability of our posterity – who will one day be our leaders – to think.


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