DO NOT Trust a Government That Spies On Its People

I am truly disturbed that we, the people, are allowing our government to spy on us under the guise of “protecting us!” People, we need to WAKE UP! The very hippies that led their generation to fear the government and rebel against the standards and authority are now the authority and the standard! They are now the ones in control, and trying to SHUT US OUT and SHUT US UP! Our way of life is under attack, and we need to take it back. Fighting against the NSA and similar snooping agencies is one of the paramount and under-rated battles of our time.

To be honest, I do not even know the extent to which we are being spied upon — hell, none of us do! However, I am becoming more and more aware all the time. All of us need to do our own studies and educate ourselves on the erosion of our Liberties. And I will promise you this: if carried as far as it’s headed, it will be as dangerous to our security and Liberty as radical islam. We can defeat radical islam with determination and perseverance: we cannot easily defeat our own government once they have their tentacles as deep in our lives as they are headed! The time to fight this evil is now!!

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