When Joe Blow has an epiphany that Americans want widgets, he designs one and a process to make more of them faster. Once he has perfected it, he will hire people to help him patent his invention (jobs), and eventually, if there is enough demand, he will start mass producing them (more jobs). If demand increases he’ll have to build a bigger building (jobs) and new equipment (jobs; and goods which will require jobs to make). If he’s smart, he’ll market his product (jobs). Now, as his need grows further, he starts selling them farther and farther away. This requires them to be transported (jobs), etc. And on goes the chain. Very elementary example, but it is the basics of how the economy works. Now, with his money, he will buy nicer cars, houses, take trips, etc.: all goods and services that require more jobs.

However, when the government, whether in the name of protection, “safety” or whatever, steps in and interferes with Joe Blow’s ability to make his widgets they stifle the creation of jobs. They interfere with intrusive regulations, high taxes, ridiculous policies and laws that make it hard to fire worthless employees, EPA regulations that do nothing to save the environment. That is just scratching the surface of how the government stifles economic growth. NONE of these, mind you, coincide with the pursuit of Liberty or protection of property rights — the inherent purpose for government in the first place.  Quite the contrary, they prohibit it.

Government was never intended in this country to be our ruler.  In fact, the federal and State Constitutions were designed to ensure that would never happen.  A federal government was viewed by our Founders as a neccessary evil.  It was intended to be our protector: not to protect us from ourselves, but from foreign enemies.  It is not supposed to be our enemy! It is supposed to regulate interstate commerce and regulate foreign trade policies; not regulate the sale of cabbage and grapes, and limit the ability of an oil company to expand its supplies within the borders of this nation.

If individual States want to limit the abilities within their borders (as counterproductive as that would be), an argument could be made for them having that right. However, no logical or Constitutional argument can be make on behalf of the federal government in that regard.

So the next time you hear a politician talk about “creating jobs,” remember that they don’t have the power, capacity, or ability to create jobs.  All they can do is inhibit the creation of jobs with restrictive policies.  The closest they come to “creating jobs” is by getting the hell out of the way and letting the ingenuity of the individual American’s faculties roam free and allow his creativity to advance our individual and societal comfort and happiness.

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