A Congressman Should KNOW THEIR JOB!

One of the (many) problems I see with Washington is that these congressmen simply do not know what their job actually is.  They have so lost touch with reality that they believe their job is to protect us…..from ourselves.  That is not their job: they are to protect us from foreign nations by providing a national defense; to protect us financially by regulating commerce with foreign nations and between the states; to provide secure borders.  Their job is not to mandate that you and I have health insurance nor to ensure the ability to buy a house one cannot afford.  They are supposed to regulate the printing of money, not own banks!  Neither is it their job to own automobile companies.  And as much as I would love a playoff in college football, does anyone SERIOUSLY believe this is a congressional matter?  Yet Congress is debating how they can mandate a playoff, and the President has teleprompted in his two cents.  SERIOUSLY?

And where did this idea originate, that because someone is elected to office they are the best and the brightest, and they know everything?  Most of them seem to wear that idea with pride, and believe it themselves.  It appears as if they are beginning to believe that they are in fact smarter than you and I, that they are incapable of making mistakes.

I submit to you that I do not know everything!  I do, however, know that we need a different direction for our nation or we are doomed.  Our spending is out of control and we are mortgaging the future of our children’s children with debts they cannot possibly pay back.  Never in history has a Congress and President spent so recklessly with utter disregard for America’s posterity.

We need to once again let American ingenuity and desire for prosperity take control of our nation’s destiny.  And the only way to do this is to get the Federal Government out of the way and let free market principles take over once again. And the only way to do that is for the States to get active in putting the federal government in check; by exerting those powers which they duly, rightfully and Constitutionally possess: all those important to domestic matters, and not explicitly enumerated in the federal Constitution!

Our Founders understood that the greatest threat to Liberty was concentration of power; whether it be too much in one branch of government, too much in one person, or too much in one government.  Today, we’ve become inherently ignorant, and if we don’t first learn about Natural rights ourselves and then pass it on to posterity, it will soon be too late — if it isn’t already….

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