Inherent Dangers of the ACLU

“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” ~ George Washington

American Civil Liberties Union.  Who could possibly be against that?  They protect our “Civil Liberties”.  Therein lies the brilliance of the ACLU, the deceptive title.  It would be the equivalent of Adolph Hitler calling himself a “Jewish Family Relocation Expert”.

The ACLU is an evil organization with a catchy title, designed to misguide and confuse.  There is quite possibly no domestic organization more dangerous and destructive to our nation than the ACLU. Of course I must also point out the importance of the unjust and illogical findings in our courts: decisions with utter disregard for Liberty, which give the ACLU their façade of power.  If we fix the misguided judiciary, we remove the superficial power currently attributed to the ACLU.

If the ACLU was really about fighting for civil liberty, then they would be screaming about the NSA wire-tapping, the Benghazi cover-ups, out of control buildups of police forces in this country — local, State and federal.  If they were for promoting civil liberties and protecting the Constitution they’d be fighting against gun-grab legislation, federal firearm legislation and restriction across the board; and would be fighting to defend the right of individuals to publicly pray and display religious artifacts, and fighting against any case to remove ten commandment displays from public view.  They’d also be very vocal about the “squashing-out” of religion from our military — against the wishes of the troops and their commanders.

But sadly, they’re on the wrong side of every single one of those issues if they wish to call themselves the American Civil Liberties Union. When it comes to a point in our nation that a perceived Constitutional right that doesn’t actually exist (separation of church from state) tramples actual Constitutionally protected rights (1st and 10th Amendments), we are on dangerous ground.

Understand that the ACLU is at its core a group of Communists, started by a draft-dodging communist, Roger Baldwin: who after seeing the effects of communism and Joseph Stalin’s pact with Adolph Hitler called communism “A NEW SLAVERY” and eventually condemned “the inhuman communist police state tyranny” — later even attempting to purge the ACLU of its Communist Party members.  But he was too late — the damage was (and still is) done.

The ACLU should not be disbanded, it should be neutered — by an immediate repeal of the Civil Rights Attorneys’ Fee Awards Act of 1976; which gives the ACLU the majority of its funding from you and me, the tax payer.  Because of that one law we are paying for an organization to fight for limitations of our Liberty against the will of the majority.

It’s akin to putting a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room next to each other: one must ask “what is the point; and why are we spending our money on contradictory causes?”

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