Immigration – Good : Illegal Immigration – Bad

I am sick and tired of hearing that Conservatives are isolationists, racist, etc. because we expect new citizens of our nation to go through the same procedures that every other legal citizen not naturally born here has had to go through.  Truth be told, I am sick and tired of all such claims on all topics by people who make such blanket assertions because they are either too lazy or lack the intellectual fortitude to engage in a meaningful debate.  If you call someone names for not allowing anyone to walk across our borders unchecked, bring whoever and whatever with them, while bypassing all customs and laws, then I must ask you — do you lock your door at night?  If so, you may be a hypocrite….

With open borders, how can one expect safety and security from an immoral, cunning and crafty enemy who has proven they will stoop to the lowest of lows in order to inflict harm on ordinary innocent citizens?  How do we live harmoniously when we cannot communicate with each other?  How do we fairly prosecute someone for breaking laws they don’t know, or committing crimes against a Constitution they’ve never read? (To be clear, I’m still talking about illegals — sadly that same question could be asked of our own youth today thanks to an inept education system…)

Immigration is great: without it most of us would not be here.  However we must control who is and is not allowed into this country.  Our relatives of generations past, who left all that was familiar and loved, in search of freedom and prosperity, would not have been let in this nation if they didn’t have the means to make it better.  They were made to know America’s history, laws, Constitution, and prove their ability to be a provider, not a moocher.  When done legally, immigration is still a wonderful service that benefits everyone.

But let’s not fool ourselves too much.  Most of the people who support amnesty and illegal immigration are simply looking for a new class of people to contro, and new voters.  If amnesty were to pass, there would be an instant 12 – 20 million new citizens, ready to “thank” those who gave them their freedom with a vote.  Most are in low-pay positions which will automatically put them on numerous welfare rolls.  That sure seems like a lot of  new voters for any politician in favor of expanding welfare. (I wonder which political party most benefits from that?)  Thank you liberalism!….

Since most of our illegal immigrants are from Mexico, that is where our focus should be.  If anything we should assist these people in taking back their own nation from their corrupt leaders.  If it wasn’t so easy to walk across the border into America, perhaps the people would finally say “enough is enough,” and the good people of Mexico could rise up and fight for their own freedom.  It can be done: it was done in this country a couple hundred years ago.  Mexico is beautiful nation, rich in resources.  If the corruption were removed from her leadership, she could surely flourish and become a nation of prosperity and wealth.  Then Mexico could worry about its own southern border….

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