Foreign Aid – It’s My Choice, Not My Responsibility

Do you know that we spend over $49 BILLION dollars annually in foreign aid? That’s $49,000,000,000 — as in 49,000 stacks of $1,000,000 — as in 49,000,000 stacks of $1000 — as in the entire worth of 49,000 millionaires!! Is this your vision for America?

America — largely because we are a nation of Christians or a Christian nation, depending on how your semantics help you to accept that one – is by far the most benevolent nation and people this entire world has ever seen.  Never before in history has a nation sacrificed so many lives and so many resources with so little expectation to secure life, liberty, and happiness for OTHERS!  But benevolence and charity is not taking from people to give to others.  It is allowing me to give to others as I see fit.  I, personally, give to my church, to the Nashville Rescue Mission, to the Voice of the Martyrs, etc.  I do not need the federal (or state for that matter) government taking my money to give to others and pretending it is charity.  Charity comes from an open heart and a giving spirit, not from a man with a gun standing at the door threatening me with death or imprisonment if I do not give to his cause.

When the earthquake struck in Haiti, (even in an economic recession), American’s gave millions of their own dollars to those people in need.  Do you remember when the tsunami hit in Indonesia in 2004?  We gave millions of dollars of our own money for that as well.  Why?  Because we CAN; because we are GENEROUS; because we are a LOVING PEOPLE!

Do not allow the government to take from you to give to the wrong people, who do not wish to help those you want helped.  Don’t be lulled into false security that your money is going to good.  Your money is going to evil dictators, not to the people who need it.  Give to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, your local churches and charities; do not allow your government to steal your money to give to dictators to enrich their own egos, coffers, wallets and pride.

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