There should be ZERO limitations by the Federal (or even any State, but that is debatable) government on a private company’s ability to invest its own money and time into exploration for and processing of any legal product: oil and/or natural gas is no exception.  And with known supplies, not to mention recently found and untapped resources, it is estimated that we can self sustain for a minimum of 500 years, adjusting for the current rate of use and rate of growth.  Our dependence on foreign oil supports those who wish to do us harm; which makes it both absurd and dangerous to continue down this path.  We are literally funding our own demise and the murder of our troops in battle.  If we did not have our own supply available this would be an acceptable and necessary evil.  However, this is absolutely unnecessary, and therefore immoral in my opinion.  We need to immediately stop our use of foreign oil and DRILL OUR OWN RESOURCES!

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