The Justification of, Reason For, and Logic Behind Nullification – And Why It’s Necessary

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Imagine this: you and your neighbors –13 households total – started a “neighborhood watch” program because you found it the most effective way to provide for your safety, protection, and happiness.  You mutually agreed upon certain rules, guidelines, and powers; appointed one individual as the enforcing officer of the pact; and declared that his decisions would be “the supreme by-law of the neighborhood, when duly enacted, pursuant to the powers granted.” And as 37 more houses were built in the neighborhood, they likewise joined the pact: and life was good.


However, eventually the enforcer became venal and decided to aggrandize himself by taking on more and more powers and obligations which were never envisaged, desired, nor granted him; and in fact these new restrictions and usurpations by this man eventually became cumbersome, and restrictive to your Liberties, happiness, and financial well being.  His arrogance was such that he thought he controlled you, the homeowners, the creators of the pact, the creators of his position and powers, the genesis of his very existence; and augmented his powers to authorize taking money from the richest household to give to the poorest.  Eventually, it came to pass that over half of the souls living in the neighborhood were living off the labor of the top five.  Read more

We Need to Understand What the Constitution Is, Isn’t, Prohibits, and Defends

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Many of us need a crash-course in “Purpose of the Constitution – 101” and “Purpose of Government – 101” – which is why I continue to study those our Founders revered and studied, our Founders themselves, and our founding documents.  Because even amongst the most ardent Conservatives I too often hear talk of our “Constitutional rights” instead of our Constitutionally protected rights (and that’s not semantics my Friends, it’s the foundation of the debate; the premise which determines from where our rights flow – and therefore how/when they can be restricted and by whom).  I likewise hear that “we have to do this/that because it’s what our Founders created,” and “we need to strictly adhere to the constitution,” and “our Founders would be shooting by now.”  I’ll address the fallacies associated with each of these, but I’ll immediately start with “strictly adhering to the Constitution,” because that’s the one most likely to be scrutinized, and will already have some scratching their heads Read more

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