What Is Liberalism? Why Does It Matter?

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In my previous blog post, I examined the meaning of a Conservative.  Now, let’s look at “what is a liberal?”  “Liberal” is also a word with broad meaning. Liberalism, in its intention, is a philosophy of limited personal responsibility; favoring instead the collective taking care of everyone, and placing the “overall good” – of society, of individuals, of groups – above property rights and liberty.  It is the freedom to attempt “to be,” and to be bailed out by the collective whole if you fail trying.  It is an attempt at freedom from pain, suffering, discomfort, discouragement, or failure; or else a consorted effort to make the collective suffer together those same conditions.

Liberals, or “progressives,” are people who want to move our society towards equalization by any and all means, primarily through the use of the government. Read more

What Is Conservatism? Why Does It Matter?

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We hear about “liberal” and “conservative” all the time, so; what is a “conservative?”  Conservative is a word with broad meaning.  At its heart, conservatism is a philosophy of limited government intervention in everyday life and liberty.  It is the freedom “to be,” or to fail trying.  Therefore, a Conservative is someone who, by nature, seeks these principles…and more

There are many conservatives who simply want to see fewer regulations on businesses so they can prosper.  There are some who want abortion outlawed, and that is all.  Some are concerned with the moral decay that is undeniably embedding its tentacles throughout our society. Read more


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So BP  is making advances, and hoping (85 days in) to finally cap this oil leak for good.  Wonderful!  Finally!  Alas!

But where is our federal government?  Where is President Obama?  Why is he on the golf, and not in the gulf?  Why SHOULD he be in the gulf?  Why SHOULD the federal government be responsible for a private (and foreign for that matter) company’s mistakes?

You see, I don’t think the President of the United States is responsible for capping the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  This man has never (and has proven that if charged to, he could never successfully have) managed so much as a lemonade stand; let alone actually having ever shown the capacity to deal with something of this magnitude.  However,  Read more

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